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NASA Norcal Sonoma (Sears Point) - 8/28-29/21

It’s How You Finish! 

The green #38 and red #37 fight hard all weekend, and a rookie behaves himself   

Saturday ST4 Qualifying

For this weekend we had the #38 (Shaun Webster) and #37 (Kevin Moore). Qualifying wasn’t smooth with #38 and #37 struggling through traffic to attempt a clean flying lap. Shaun was able to get a semi-clean lap and got P2 right at the checkered flag. Kevin was just a bit slower qualifying P4. 

Our Rookie, John was comfortable on 100 treadwear tires and qualified 8th with no incidents. 

Congratulations to Scott S. on a great qualy and P1.

Saturday ST4 Race

Shaun #38

With a good start in P2, we almost got side by side with Scott S. in turn 2. We had the whole race in front of us and Shaun knew there would be other opportunities. Behind Scott and Shaun was Kevin Moore, Jason B., John B., and Adrian M. fighting like four frat boys at a Best Leg contest and it was the race to watch. 

With a race-long fight with traffic, Scott was able to build a gap that was difficult to close. At one point, there looked to be about a 5-second gap. In the 2nd half of the race, Shaun was able to maximize traffic and close that gap to less than a second. With a hairy pass out of 8A, where Scott and Shaun split a Thunder Roadster, Shaun went 2 wheels off on the outside of 9 but stayed on the gas :0 and thankfully came out of it clean and with the gap still at about 1 second. 

Of interest, Scott S. worked with our own Matt Powers to work through data and to refine his driving specifically at Sonoma. His improvement was obvious throughout the weekend, a testament to Scott and his willingness to work on his racecraft. At the EDGE camp was heard loud and clear; “What’s up with that Matt?” 

Through the next couple of laps, Shaun could see that Scott’s tires were falling off and went into attack mode, pressuring Scott into a mistake at turn 4. Scott went 4 off out of turn 4 and Shaun capitalized on it with a pass for 1st. With so few laps left in the race, Shaun was able to use traffic to keep a safe gap until the end for a hard-fought and very satisfying win.

Great race Scott, we love giving you some competition!  

Kevin #37

Kevin Moore was unable to keep up with our #38 Shaun and #44 Scott, but he did pick up one position at the start. He held up the rest of the group which gave Shaun and Scott a 5-second gap so they could race hard without being concerned with other cars in class. 

Kevin drove his mirrors for more than 5 laps, keeping Jason in 4th at bay. Jason made three or four attempts, each defended by the widest S52 powered E36 in NorCal. Fortunately for Kevin, Jason’s tires started to fall off as they also split a slower car, and Kevin passing with two wheels off on the inside of T9. They raced to T11 and Kevin was able to hold Jason off. 

With all of the battling, 4th and 5th place were able to keep close, making their presence known on Jason’s bumper. Kevin finally developed a gap to 4th and was able to hang on to the final podium position. 

John #118

Starting in 8th, John was able to move the #188 up one place to finish 7th. With a fast lap in the 1:49s, his race was incident-free and John’s NASA Rookie status is almost at its end.

Saturday TT

We ran the #38 with Anthony in TT3. In TT4 we had Eric in the #37 and the #54 Honda S2000 with Matt Powers. The #38 won TT3 and #37 won TT4 with #54 in P2.

Sunday ST4 Qualifying

Anthony was in the #38 E46 BMW for Sunday’s race and Eric took over from his Father Kevin in the #37 E36 BMW. They were both fast but neither could best Scott Smith who qualified 1st, Anthony in 2nd, and Eric qualifying in 3rd.    

Sunday ST4 Race

Eric #37

This was an amazing race. With both EDGE cars falling victim to the field being let go early. Eric decided to haul ass on the out lap and slot into his P3 spot. There’s always a risk in doing this but there was no penalty, this time.

The race unfolded with Scott Smith taking the early lead. From there he managed traffic and kept Eric behind. Although the #37 got close many times, it just couldn’t quite get by and was further stymied by a slow Thunder Roadster and some unfortunate yellow flagging. 

Congratulations to Eric for a great 2nd place drive that was just a few seconds behind Scott, but well ahead of the rest of the ST4 field.    

Anthony #38

This was the best part of the race. From the stands, it couldn’t have been more exciting. The video below was the live feed we all watched, and when it was all over, we celebrated like Anthony had won the National Championships. WATCH THE VIDEO!

The grid leaves early and Anthony Zwain starts the race from the back, the very back! The deficit was 45 seconds with the bulk of the field to get through - 34 cars. 

Needless to say, there was a lot of passing thru lap 10. The #38 narrowly avoided a Miata spinning through turn 2 on lap 9. Soon after that spin, a double yellow flew for 2 laps where Anthony was stuck behind an electric prototype which seemed to eliminate the already slim possibility of catching the ST4 pack and a chance at a podium. Our luck changed when the prototype got a move on and caught up to the ST4 pack before the green flag dropped.

As soon as Anthony catches the ST4 pack he passes 2 cars for 4th place before turn 7. Now a podium was possible but we still had to get by Jason who was in 3rd. Just to keep things exciting, Anthony delayed the pass until the last lap!

An exhausted but happy Anthony got out of the car and it seemed like he was wearing the smile and satisfaction of a winner. This third place really felt like a victory.

Sunday TT

Anthony ran the #38 in TT3 and the #37 (Kevin) and #54 (Matt) in TT4. The #38 won TT3 and this time the TT4 victory went to the #54 with #37 in P2.

Wrapping Up

“It’s not over until it’s over” was never more a thing than this weekend. Both drivers of the #38 clearly drove with this in mind and both delivered incredible results. 

The crowd huddled around the live feed of Anthony’s race on Sunday summed up the weekend’s racing perfectly: tense, hard, but ultimately very satisfying. The EDGE Family was yelling, laughing, and finally celebrating on both Saturday and Sunday with EDGE getting a 1st, a 2nd, and two 3rds.

#neverstop #camaraderie #edgefamily  

#camaraderie #edgefamily #forevergrateful 

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