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4 Year, 50,000 Mile
Included on Parts and Service

  • Suspension and chassis
  • Engine and cooling systems
  • Transmission and driveline
  • Electronics

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As a new EDGE Motorworks guest, we know we need to earn your trust and loyalty. What better way than to thoroughly inspect your car and deliver a report that covers its overall condition?


Very Friendly and Knowledgeable staff.
Ferdinand Zumel
I am so grateful to the EDGE team. I drove 5 hours to look at a used car and needed a pre purchase inspection on a Friday at 5pm and they were there for me. This team is trustworthy, kind, and genuinely cares about people. Thank you!
Whitney Mcfaddin
Fantastic service! Staff are professional and friendly. Highly recommend.
Fuhu Xiao
Thank you for hooking a free tech inspection. Excellent service.
Alex Chan-Kai
Edge Motorworks always provides excellent advice and wonderful service. They are extremely knowledgeable and I would not hesitate to recommend them
Hugh Cornish

Monthly Archives: August 2021

NASA Norcal Sears Point (Sonoma Raceway) - 6/26-27/21

NASA Norcal Sears Point (Sonoma Raceway) - 6/26-27/21

The green #38 and #37 continue to impress, AUDI is a little closer to being great    Saturday Qualifying ST4 For this weekend we were running the #38 E46 (Anthony Zwain) and #37 E36 (Kevin Moore) BMWs. Thankfully the field was well behaved for the first two laps and both cars were able to set near identical times in the first clear lap. Kevin (#37) then let Anthony by to set a fast time but he was off pace and had to settle for the first lap’s time. We were fortunate to end up in P1 for #38 and P2 for #37 with only 0.4s between the two EDGE cars and less than a second separating the top three qualifiers. The #38 was very fast and with a new motor we were not unexpectedly called to dyno. We ended up being about 15 average horsepower under spec. at 230. We decided not to take any weight out of the car to play it safe.  ST3 The AUDI had some traffic to deal with but Shaun Webster was able to set a best time of 1:44.392 on lap 3. After qualifying in P2 Shaun ... read more