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  • Suspension and chassis
  • Engine and cooling systems
  • Transmission and driveline
  • Electronics

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As a new EDGE Motorworks guest, we know we need to earn your trust and loyalty. What better way than to thoroughly inspect your car and deliver a report that covers its overall condition?


Fantastic service! Staff are professional and friendly. Highly recommend.
Fuhu Xiao
Very Friendly and Knowledgeable staff.
Ferdinand Zumel
Edge Motorworks always provides excellent advice and wonderful service. They are extremely knowledgeable and I would not hesitate to recommend them
Hugh Cornish
Thank you for hooking a free tech inspection. Excellent service.
Alex Chan-Kai
I am so grateful to the EDGE team. I drove 5 hours to look at a used car and needed a pre purchase inspection on a Friday at 5pm and they were there for me. This team is trustworthy, kind, and genuinely cares about people. Thank you!
Whitney Mcfaddin

Monthly Archives: April 2021

NASA Norcal Sonoma - 3/27-28/21

NASA Norcal Sonoma - 3/27-28/21

So many incidents, so many flags, and a lot of success   The shop has been incredibly busy lately, but thankfully we were able to find time to prepare during the week leading up to the NASA race weekend. We had 3 cars going into Friday’s practice and were ready for three ST4 races and one Enduro, along with some TT. The AUDI TCR car would have been our 4th entry, but we need more time to properly sort the car before we race it again.  Unfortunately, we were reduced to just 2 cars for the race weekend because Aaron, one of our team drivers, found a wall that rendered his car undrivable during practice on Friday. He was OK but we were all gutted to lose his car and his presence during the weekend. Aaron has been making great progress and everyone was looking forward to some great racing with him. He will be back very soon. With 17 cars signed up for ST4/TT4, there was going to be a lot of competition, more than the previous race at Thunderhill. We like more good dr ... read more




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