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EDGE even has excellent tire mounting professionals. They got it done quickly over lunch and took care of my VERY EXPENSIVE wheels. High quality work!
Mike Monegan
Great service. Am waiting for an estimate to replace the water pump which will hopefully repair the coolant leak
Julie Sanchez
Professional, honest, knowledgeable.. that's all you can ask for in a shop. They did a great job with our 2018 mini fixing the sunroof, and performing the oil service and vehicle check.
Jeremy Lowe
Great service and very friendly and responsive staff. I highly recommend this shop.
Eric Zhou
Brought my new to me 2003 M3 track build and Anthony and the team have been awesome. From sorting out some misfiring to getting the car set up right for me as a driver. Very knowledgeable, no pressure sales and the responsiveness is top notch. Extremely happy with all the support the entire team is great! Thank you and if you are looking for a shop, I’d highly recommend Edge.
Bradley Estes

Racing to beat cancer with EDGE at The 25.

In partnership with FCancer, EDGE Motorworks is combining forces to prevent, detect and UNITE against cancer.

The EDGE Motorworks Racing Team had always planned to race The 25 Hours of Thunderhill in 2017. Our very close friend and teammate, Donny Edwards, had survived cancer this year, and we wanted to race in honor of him. After talking about it, we decided we should try and broaden our impact. We quickly found Fuck Cancer (Fcancer). Yes, it’s a real non-profit organization and they’re doing incredible things.

Fundraising with Fcancer made complete sense. They love Motorsports and we want to be a part of giving the finger to cancer.  

With FCancer’s help, EDGE is racing to fight cancer while honoring our friend who we easily could have lost. Even better, Donny, a multi-time National Driving Champion, will pilot the car along with his other team members. There couldn't be a better scenario: honor Donny, honor the friends and Family who’ve been affected by cancer, and help to Fuck Cancer.

The following is Donny’s short story of his experience with cancer.

With a race in Italy, the Mille Miglia, just 10 days away, Donny went to the dentist for a toothache. Donny was away from home in Utah, so he went to the first Dentist he could find. No big deal. Everyone gets a toothache now and then. After examination, the Dentist believed Donny had an abscess and sent him to an ear, nose and throat specialist.

The specialist immediately determined that something wasn't right, so he took a biopsy. A day later Donny found out he had cancer. If you knew Donny, you wouldn’t be surprised at his response. Donny said calmly that he really didn't care and that he was still going to Italy. Unfortunately for Donny, it was serious. The doctor pleaded with him for thirty minutes before Donny finally gave in. Italy and racing the Mille Miglia would have to wait.

After confiding in his closest friends, Donny was admitted to the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Utah. The Huntsman is one of the finest cancer treatment facilities in the United States, and Donny couldn't have been in better hands. The Huntsman Cancer Institute immediately assigned a full medical care team to Donny, which is their standard of care for all patients. The team was completely invested in fighting cancer with him. Donny’s gratitude for his team at the Huntsman has been emphatic and enduring.

As serious as his situation was, Donny was still in denial, and one night he escaped the Hunstman in his truck. Despite a month of treatment, cancer still wasn’t real to him. After a brief joy ride, Donny looked down at the IV coming out of his arm that was still connected to his heart, and it finally hit him. The only words that went through his head were, “I’ve gotta get back ASAP.”

“Some days later, he snuck out again with the Chemo machine still connected just because he wanted to lay in the sun. But chemo and sun don’t mix… Ugh... race car drivers…”

After sneaking back into his room for the last time, Donny stayed put and committed wholeheartedly to his treatment and recovery. Four months later, he was cancer-free and on his way to a full recovery.

After all the races, all the crashes he’s been in, the injuries he’s sustained and recovered from, and the rest of his life’s difficulties, beating cancer was, by far, the hardest thing Donny has ever done. Donny said, “I would rather race a car into a wall at two hundred instead of going through that again.”

Donny’s story affected us deeply here at EDGE, but cancer affects all of us in some way. Because of this, EDGE Motorsports will be partnering with and supporting Fcancer not only at The 25 Hours of Thunderhill but throughout the 2018 racing season.

How You Can Help

Make sure to follow EDGE and Fcancer on Facebook to see where this takes us. It’s definitely going to be good:

  • Fcancer -
  • EDGE Motorworks -

Cancer seriously sucks and it impacts all of us. With the help of Fcancer we’re racing with Donny at The 25 Hours of Thunderhill to help thousands of people to better prevent, detect, and recover from cancer.

If you would like to donate, go to our Fcancer donation page. Everything helps. No donation is too small so give cancer your own massive finger.

About Fcancer

Fuck Cancer is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit in the United States and registered Canadian charity focusing on prevention (Prevent), early detection (Detect) and, supporting those affected by cancer (Unite)

Fuck Cancer (Fcancer) is a believes that people diagnosed with cancer, their families and support network should have equitable access to early detection, prevention and psychosocial support. The Fcancer community is a safe space for people to learn, share and support each other.

Billions of dollars have been spent on research and treatment of cancer, while funding for prevention, early detection and psychosocial support has been neglected. Fuck Cancer looks to fill in where other charities have left off. We look at things differently, create change and impact around preventing and finding cancer before it happens. With wit, edge and humor, Fuck Cancer is improving health outcomes through education, community-based programs, and psychosocial support and events.

  • Fuck Cancer creates programs & campaigns around behavior change and promotes scientifically proven routes for cancer prevention.
  • Fuck Cancer is invested in equitable access to early detection of cancer. We support both innovative research & run programs around early detection and existing screening models.
  • Fuck Cancer provides our community a space to be heard, feel connected and unite both digitally and in person.

About EDGE Motorworks, Fremont

EDGE Motorworks offers everything from BMW, MINI, Porsche, Subaru, and Fiat.  We can provide scheduled maintenance to full-on race car preparation and anything in between. We also have access to thousands of parts for your vehicle with several daily deliveries from our local suppliers.  This means your pride and joy spends less time in the shop and more time on the road!

Founded by long-time enthusiasts and racers, all EDGE Motorworks team members own and drive BMWs, MINI’s, Porsches and Subaru's, both on the street and on the track. We love these cars, and that passion has allowed us to deliver outstanding service and value year after year. Our business is almost entirely referral based, and that’s how we know we are doing a good job!

EDGE Motorworks clients come from all over the San Francisco Bay Area for BMW, MINI, Porsche, Subaru and Fiat service, repairs, tune-ups, alignment, and performance tuning.

We service all the following areas: San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, SF Bay, SFBay, Bay Area, San Francisco Bay Area, NorCal, Northern California, Silicon Valley, San Jose, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Campbell, Palo Alto, Redwood City and Fremont.